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Sydney Blue Gum

Sydney Blue Gum is an important general construction timber, particularly in New South Wales. It is widely used for flooring, cladding, fencing, paneling and boat building. Other common applications include landscaping (as garden sleepers), furniture and joinery.


The heartwood of the species ranges in colour from dark pink to a reddish brown. Sapwood is distinctly paler. The grain of Sydney blue gum timber is typically straight, with occasional interlocking of grain. Texture is moderately coarse and gum veins are common.

Sydney blue gum is a moderately durable timber with a life expectancy for in-ground applications of between eight and 15 years. Untreated sapwood is susceptible to Lyctid borer attack.

Recommended uses: flooring, cladding, fencing, panelling and boat building, furniture and joinery

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