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Grey box is a tough, highly durable medium-sized Australian hardwood. It originates from the central and north coast districts of New South Wales and southern Queensland. Grey box, Eucalyptus woollsiana also occurs in parts of Victoria and South Australia.

Its heartwood is a pale, yellowish brown with the sapwood paler in appearance. It has a fine, even texture and usually features an interlocked grain. Gum veins are rarely present.

Grey box is a highly dense species, so it is quite difficult to work. It can be painted, stained and polished. Any machining or surface preparation should be done immediately prior to gluing. It is slow to dry but generally will not develop any surface checking.

Recommended uses: 

Tough and highly durable, grey box is mainly used for heavy engineering construction and flooring.

It is also used for cladding, bridges, wharves, shipbuilding, piles, poles and sleepers. Grey box is also an excellent fuel wood.

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