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Silvertop Ash

Silvertop ash is a large, moderately durable Australian hardwood that grows in the southern and central coast and tablelands of New South Wales, eastern Victoria and north eastern Tasmania. It is also known as ‘coast ash’ due to its occurrence along the coastal areas of the cooler eastern states.

Of medium texture, silvertop ash has an interlocked grain and with noticeable growth rings. The heartwood is brown, sometimes pinkish and the sapwood is narrow in appearance. Gum veins, markings from pinhole borers and pencil streaks also distinguish the appearance of silvertop ash.

Recommended uses: 

Silvertop ash is mainly used as a building timber, such as in timber framing, It is often used for building framework on the south coast and tablelands of NSW. It is strong and reasonably durable, plus it has also been found to provide good fire resistance.

Other common applications include flooring, furniture and high-end joinery. Silvertop ash is also used for vehicle construction, handles, fence posts, cases and chemical pulp.

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