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Victorian Ash / Tasmanian Oak

Victorian ash is the trade name for two of the tallest hardwood species in the world. This Australian hardwood takes its name from the fact that it grows in the alpine areas of Victoria,  It can refer to either mountain ash or alpine ash and as these species are species segregated in Victoria it is marketed under the trade nameVictorian ash, it is important to note that the proportions of each species can vary considerably but Victorian mountain ash and alpine ash are very similar in characteristics and look. Victorian ash timber usually has a straight grain but may also produce fiddleback markings and have visible gum veins. It has a course texture. The heartwood ranges from pale pink to yellowish brown and a walnut colour can be achieved by steaming with ammonia. The heartwood is often indistinguishable in colour from the softwood.

Recommended uses: Victorian ash can be used for protected structural applications, such as high strength seasoned structural F17 timber framing, but it is best suited to indoor appearance applications and furniture due its low to moderate durability, its excellent working properties and its consistency in colour. Flooring, panelling, mouldings, staircases, handrails, balusters, cupboards, bench tops and high value joinery, windows and furniture are some of its more common applications - although it is also used for agricultural implements, oars, cooperage, boxes, crates, paper pulp and in the manufacture of plywood.

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