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Red Gum

The timber has a reputation for durability, strength and its distinctive red colouring. Its wide availability has seen it used for a range of applications including heavy construction, railway sleepers, flooring, framing, fencing, plywood and veneer manufacture, wood turning, firewood and charcoal production. The hallmark of river red gum timber is its distinctive red appearance. The heartwood is red to reddish brown in colour with the timber's texture having some coarseness. The grain is commonly interlocked with frequent gum veins. The timber's charm is often best showcased in furniture; the spectacular deep red colour and the typical fiddle-back figure of river red gum timber make each piece of furniture unique.

Recommended uses: Traditionally, river red gum is used in rot resistant applications, as stumps, fence posts and sleepers. Its colour and distinctive figure have more recently become popular for decorative furnishing. This widely available timber has been used in domestic decks, exposed hardwood structures as well as internal fit-outs, joinery and in furniture. River red gum is well suited to garden landscape structures such as retaining walls and garden beds. It is excellent for non-domestic decks and timber flooring as well as structural applications.

fun fact:  It was also commonly used as street paving throughout Sydney in the late 1800s.

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