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New Guinea Rosewood

Rosewood is a hardwood native to South-East Asia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Sabah, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Some trees of the species grow very highly figured burrs, which are given the name 'Ambonya wood' from the Indonesian island of Ambon, and in veneer form are used in the making of furniture. Other uses of the wood include turnery, paneling, guitar-making, and knife handles.

The heartwood of rosewood can be either golden brown or a dark blood-red, while the sapwood is pale yellow and up to 60mm wide. The wood is of medium texture and the grain is variable. Freshly cut, the wood has a fragrant odour and is often highly figured: burrs are highly prized in furniture-making.

Recommended uses: The attractive appearance of rosewood has made it highly prized for furniture, veneer, turnery, and paneling. It is also used for knife handles and guitar-making. Some trees produce very highly figured burrs, which are used in the European furniture trade under the name 'Ambonya wood'.

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