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Monaro Timber Heavy Veneer Products

Heavy Veneer is a process owned and perfected by Monaro Timber & Joinery. It is the process of applying a veneer of timber over an MDF core that is thick enough to give the feel of solid timber, but thin enough to minimize any movement that occurs in solid timber.

We apply this technique to bench tops, allowing you to have a 100mm thick bench top as opposed to only 40mm (the maximum recommended thickness in solid timber). We also apply this method to timber step treads, large posts to give the appearance of a large solid post, doors and shelving. For a quote or more information, follow the link to the product and complete the quote form, or call us on (02)62806467.

HV Doors
HV Bench tops


HV Treads

Bench Tops

HV Posts

Step Treads

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